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Principled Investments 

Investor in growth companies delivering net zero.


Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Net Zero Companies

Investor in growth companies delivering net zero


Long term business partner in board advisor, director and investment committee roles

Clean energy & Climate technology

Entrepreneurial leader focused on clean energy and climate technology


Our Beliefs

Companies are the greatest force for good. Transitioning the world to net zero requires system-wide changes. We believe that an owner’s mindset is required to sustain the long-term investments that are required.

Wind Mills - Sustainable investment
Solar Panels - Decarbonization


Our Aproach

Raising the capital required to build a new net zero economy is best executed by owners and managers of the business. We therefore invest in businesses that are poised to transform themselves and the rest of their industry in helping deliver a more sustainable world. We take on board, advisory and other governance roles to remain a long-term partner in the growth and performance of the company.


Our Value

We approach companies and funds with an investor's mindset, only introducing them to other investors if we're willing to invest ourselves. Our commitment extends to the Board, offering insights and advice for addressing business challenges and exploring growth opportunities. The appointee provides current knowledge, critical thinking, and analysis, ensuring an impartial investor perspective at all times.

Illustrated Buildings - Principled Investments

Our Benefits

Alignment of Interests

 The interests of the company, advisor, and potential investor are fully aligned. 

Deeper Understanding

Genuine understanding of the company's operations, challenges, and potential opportunities. 

Long-Term Partnership

Enduring relationship and a partnership in success.

Enhanced Confidence

A belief in the business with "skin in the game".

Risk Management Perspective

Take a considered and rigorous approach to think through all of the issues with an investor’s mindset.

Delivering Impactful Outcomes


Years of Experience


billion of Global M&A Transactions


billion of Equity + Debt


billion of PE Funds Raised / Managed

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